OK, we admit that there's more new stuff than vintage on this page at the moment; it changes all the time. We've marked the items as or so that it's clear. We are going to call the page 'weird ass parts' in the fullness of time!

So here you go...

.: Fox Tail Antenna Topper :.


















A little 'low-rider / custom car' accessory that we like. The faux fox tails are roughly 12 inches long with a chrome clip attachment. Supplied with a little zip-tie to attach to the top of your ariel (or wherever you fancy). You're bound to get a few dodgy looks from people so prepare yourself!

£9.56 + P&P



.: Coca-Cola Bottle Opener :.


















It seems that some people don't really get 'rusty products' (see above!). We've sourced some new shiny Coca-Cola bottle openers too. Same price and they open the bottle just as fast. Supplied in silver with red 'Coke' writing...

£6.56 + P&P



.: 'Old Stock' Bottle Opener :.


















We've only a few of these left - full 'patina' bottle opener for those of you that have a slammed, narrowed and OG vehicle! God knows where they have been but they look great! Supplied as pictured (they all have similar ageing).

£6.56 + P&P



.: Remove Before Flight :.


















When these arrived one went straight on the keyring of our daily driver. 'Remove Before Flight' keyrings are double sided in bright red with white stitching.

£2.56 + P&P



.: Mooneyes Keyring :.


















We started by selling Mooneyes stuff and we have a few bits still in stock. These flexible, double sided keyrings are great (we forgot we had them!). Can't go wrong with Mooneyes stuff - it always looks cool!

£4.56 + P&P